Retratos de la Comunidad Maleku


(Portraits of the

Maleku Community)

The Maleku Community consists of just under 1,000 individuals that live in three small villages (or palenques) located on the Guatuso Indigenous Reserve near the Rio Frio watershed in northern Costa Rica. Since my first visit to Costa Rica in 2011, I have had the privilege of learning from and working with members of the Maleku community and documenting life in their community. 
A todo mis amigos y mi familia Maleku, afepaquain narracarreyeca marama
Abuelita y Los Nietos 3
Ataf, 15 months old
First Ceremony
Abuela y Nieta
Alcides, Tribal Council President
Three Generations
Pamela, age 6
Mimi, age 1
Maleku girl, age 8
Young Maleku
The Wedding Guest
Pura Vida
Quefan, nearly 2 years old
Daniel and his Puppy
Tia y la Sobrina
Jose and his Sisters
Sunday Afternoon
Mother and Daughter
Daddy and Daughter
Daddy and Daughter 2
Tio y Sobrina
Hiding behind Mama
Maleku Boys
Community Art Event
Portrait with a Puppy
Nago with painting 1
Butterfly Mask
Portrait of Alcides 2
Rolling Rope
Susannah with Fish Net
Arco y Flecha
Ceremonial Dance
Maleku Theatrical Play
Maleku Play 2
Maleku Play 3
Maleku Play 4
Maleku Play 5
Ceremony 5
Ceremony 1
Ceremony 3
Ceremony 2
Maleku Children with Visitor
Ceremony, Osvaldo
Ceremony, Osvaldo 2
Elias Ceremony 2
Elias Cermeony 1
Ericka Ceremony